DIY 12-cell Eee PC battery: up to 15hrs runtime

Sometimes the quest for extra battery life overcomes you, and it's only when you take a deep breath at the end of the process that you realise what exactly you've achieved.  In the case of Eeeuser forum member TenaciousDre, that achievement is the lumpen black barnacle on the back of his Eee PC 701, which – thanks to its 12-cells of battery goodness – power the netbook for up to 15hrs.

Taking the Li-Ion cells from an old laptop he had lying around, the plucky modder added them to the 4-cell battery pack originally supplied with his Eee PC.  That all got wrapped in tape, and mounted on the back of the netbook.  What would be interesting to see is how brand-new Li-Ion cells would improve runtime.

Ironically, this DIY effort follows shortly after tests of the Samsung NC10 with a 9-cell aftermarket battery pack.  Slightly less oppressive than the 12-cell Eee PC pack, it manages 12hrs; I wonder what the addition of a further three cells would do...

[via CrunchGear]