Dissatisfied with Vista on your new system? Downgrade

Not too long ago there was a story going 'round where OEMs could offer you a downgrade for your newly purchased system so you could ditch Vista and go back to XP. This story wasn't covered because it seemed to be pretty much tailored towards businesses, well now you can too.

Thus we are here telling you how, because if you have a new system and want to ditch Vista but don't have a copy of XP to install or if you have been looking at a new machine but have lived in fear of a new purchase due to Vista, you can go ahead and buy it. Crave Asia did some research and found out that you too can get a downgrade.

All you have to do is call customer support, I am assuming Microsoft Customer support, and give them your Vista SN, in exchange they will give you a key for XP Pro, x64, or Tablet PC Edition. Then all you have to do is find one of those OS's on disc so you can install it.

Vista-to-XP Downgrade Available To Everyone [via CrunchGear]