Disqus Adds @ Mentions To Comment Threads

If you frequently comment on tech sites such as ours you'll notice that many employ the Disqus commenting platform. It helps us serve, track, and manage our commenting system while connecting us with a large community of Disqus users. After recently raising $10 million in venture funding, the company launched today a new @ mentioning feature.

The feature should be very familiar to those who use Twitter. And recently Facebook, has incorporated the use of mentions in comments as well. Basically, when typing a comment, you can type the @ symbol to tag someone, for instance if you're specifically addressing them.

As you type the mention, a small overlay will appear with a auto-complete list of users to choose from that have either participated in the conversation or use Twitter. Once tagged, the name gets a gray box around it and the user you tagged gets an email notification if they have a Disqus account or a regular @ mention on Twitter if they do not have a Disqus account.

This new functionality could be a good way to invite someone into a conversation, or be a way to call out someone directly to respond. Since we're running Disqus, we certainly don't mind you trying it out in the comments below. Let us know how you like it.

[via TechCrunch]