DisplayPort standard updated for 4K monitors

As monitors continue to get more pixel-dense, one well-heeled standard is being scaled equally to remain pertinent. The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) is announcing the DisplayPort 1.3 audio/visual standard, which brings in more bandwidth to help you push pixels along without lag or degradation.

The latest version of the standard brings it to 32.4Gbps maximum bandwidth, a 50% increase over the current version. According to VESA — and allowing for overhead — we'll now have 25.92Gbps of uncompressed video data streaming.

This standard comes at just the right time, too. As 4K monitors start to become more prevalent, and 5K seeps into stores, the time is ripe for increased bandwidth.

The new standard also supports HDCP 2.2, HDMI 2.0, and makes DisplayPort a viable option for more than just video. The increased bandwidth make audio and video transmission possible on a single cable. With an 8.1Gbps per-lane link rate, DisplayPort can handle a UHD monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate, and still send along other types of files using the remaining lanes.

VESA Board of Directors Chair Alan Kobayashi said "While becoming a mainstream video standard, DisplayPort continues to be at the cutting edge of A/V transport. These new enhancements to DisplayPort will facilitate both higher resolution displays, as well as easier integration of DisplayPort into multi-protocol data transports, which will satisfy consumer's desire for simplicity and ease-of-use."