DisplayPort 1.2 to adopt Apple's Mini DisplayPort and doubling the Bandwidth

Remember the Apple's Firewire interface became widely accepted in computer industry? Their highly criticized Mini Displayport may be next. Vesa has revealed the next version of DisplayPort Technology with twice the available bandwidth to enable higher resolution display, refresh rate, deeper color depth, 3D and last not not least, standardized the Apple's Mini DisplayPort as part of the new spec.

DisplayPort may still new to many of us, but the increasingly popular 'HDMI for computer" interface has slowly surfaced from high end video card, laptop to monitor display. Version 1.2 will double the capacity, and promise to deliver data with 5.4 Gbit/s per channel speed of up to 4 channels to support 3840 X 2160 resolution, 30 bits depth color and multiple-stream capability enabling 120hz and stereoscopic 3D pictures. Multi-monitor support over a single connector, for instance, a pair of 2560 x 1600 monitors, or four up to 1920 x 1200 screens is within reached.

The new DisplayPort 1.2 is backward compatible with previous ports specification of 1.1a. The adoption of much-compact Mini DisplayPort would allow the new standard to provide better display connectivity for mobile sized notebooks. Apple has previously announced its open licensing policy for developers interested in fabricating any accessory or peripheral devices with the new connection; VESA will publish the full specifications of the new standard in mid 2009 and that should secure the technology in near future, or anyone who has doubt about the compact DisplayPort. Make no mistake, Mini DisplayPort is here to stay.