Displax Oqtopus is a Portable All-in-One Multitouch Table Featuring Windows 7

Evan Selleck - Oct 7, 2010, 10:56am CDT
Displax Oqtopus is a Portable All-in-One Multitouch Table Featuring Windows 7

Multitouch tables are still expensive, but that’s not stopping their development. Displax has unveiled their brand new Oqtopus multitouch table, featuring Microsoft’s Windows 7. It’s a portable method to bring the interactivity of a touchscreen table to the commercial market. Unfortunately, as it’s been shown by Microsoft and their Surface project, getting that technology into an All-in-One table isn’t cheap, even if it is a great way to showcase the technology.

The Oqtopus multitouch table is perfectly capable of detecting up to four independent touches at a time, all on a 42-inch screen. Displax says that the robust black and white table is able to recognize up to four people writing on the table at the same time, so it isn’t just individual touch-points that the technology can recognize (which would have limited it severely). The table is also a plug-and-play solution, which Displax points out should let users enjoy the full touch functionality of Windows 7, including movies, games, and photos.

What’s more, is that the optical technology that Displax employs in the Oqtopus lets users use all types of input devices, including stylus and gloved hands. Users can use the screen as a capacitive screen, though, as it doesn’t take any pressure to activate a response from the Oqtopus. The table will come with all of the necessary technology out of the box to use, and a tempered glass 42-inch top. Options are said to include a 42-inch LCD HD screen, or a PC. Price wise, it actually starts out at less than Surface, but for the basic model, which doesn’t include the 42-inch LCD HD screen or the PC, which is 4,500 Euros. But, if you want everything, then the price will run you 6,500 Euros.

Press Release

Displax Expands Interactive Offering With All-In-One Multitouch Table Oqtopus
BRAGA, PORTUGAL–(Marketwire – Oct. 6, 2010) –

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Displax Interactive Solutions, leading manufacturer of interactive technologies for commercial use, expands its portfolio of touch-enabled products with Oqtopus, a portable all-in-one multitouch table based on Microsoft Windows 7 that can detect up to four independent touches on a 42-inch screen. In addition, Displax introduces the Displax Overlay Multitouch, a customizable overlay that turns LCD, Plasma or rear projection screens, in sizes ranging from 32 inches to 103 inches, into a multitouch surface.

The demand for commercial multitouch solutions has been increasing constantly over the past year. By building on strong partnerships to offer Oqtopus and Overlay Multitouch, Displax is able to meet this demand with simple yet effective solutions to present content in an innovative and intuitive way. “As an expert on interactive technologies, customers have approached us in search for a product that is portable, easy to install, inexpensive, and can handle a limited amount of touches,” explains Miguel Fonseca, Chief Business Officer of Displax. “While we are finalizing our powerful Displax Multitouch Technology to be available to the market soon, we have decided to cooperate with strong Research & Development partners to be able to immediately offer our customers compelling products that meet their requirements.”

Displax Oqtopus, an elegant yet robust black and white table, is able to individually process four input signals, for example, to simultaneously recognize the handwriting of four users. The plug-and-play solution also allows users to take full advantage of the touch capabilities of Windows 7 when interacting with multimedia applications and content like videos, games and images. The optical technology lets users use various pointing devices like a stylus or their fingers – even a gloved hand works well – to operate the table. No pressure is needed to create an input signal, providing fast and accurate touch inputs.

Displax Oqtopus comes complete with integrated optical multitouch technology and a tempered glass top. Options include a PC or a 42-inch HD LCD screen. The multitouch table is portable and can be easily moved and installed anywhere – making it an ideal choice for museums, retail and educational purposes or even for use in boardrooms.
Displax Oqtopus is available for prices ranging from 4,500 Euros for the basic edition to 6,500 Euros for the complete solution including an LCD and a PC. The Displax Overlay Multitouch comes at prices ranging from 1,300 Euros to 6,000 Euros.

DISPLAX Interactive Systems is a leading innovator and manufacturer of interactive technologies with expertise in single- and multitouch as well as gesture interactivity. Based in Braga, the Portuguese Silicon-Valley, DISPLAX employs some of the best minds in Europe and works closely with universities in the area on R & D. The company’s aim is to establish itself as a global research driven leader on interactive technologies. DISPLAX is a company of the EDIGMA GROUP.

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