Disney's next three live-action remakes may skip theaters entirely

The movie industry is still reeling from the pandemic and movie theater closures, leaving studios in limbo as they repeatedly bump premieres and, in some cases, move them to digital platforms. Disney is one such studio that has seen its premieres disrupted, and a new leak claims a few of its big upcoming live-action movies may go straight to streaming as a result.

Disney's live-action Mulan was one of the first movies impacted by movie theater closures and city-wide lockdowns, but it may not be the last. According to a new report from Deadline, Disney is allegedly considering launching some of its future films on Disney+ instead of in theaters.

These movies are, the leak claims, three live-action remakes of hit animations: Peter Pan and Wendy, Cruella, and Pinocchio. All three movies were planned for theatrical release, but uncertainty remains regarding movie theater closures and how much longer the pandemic will persist.

The sources claim that Disney hasn't made a decision about how it will proceed with these movie launches at this time. As well, the report doesn't detail whether the movies will be available with no added costs for Disney+ subscribers or if they will follow the same route as Mulan with an extra premium on top of the subscription fee.

Movie theaters are struggling to stay afloat as consumers turn to streaming services. Though not everyone is happy to miss out on theatrical releases, many consumers state that they prefer digital access to new movies as the overall cost for a family tends to be lower and the comfort level in one's own home exceeds what their local theater can offer.