Disney+ will release live-action Mulan movie, but with an extra cost

After several months of delays and changes in its plans, Disney has made the decision to premiere its live-action Mulan movie on its Disney+ streaming service, though it will still debut in theaters in some parts of the world. Anyone who subscribes to Disney+ will be able to stream the movie, but it'll be a bit more complicated — and expensive — than usual.

The pandemic has disrupted many plans, not the least of which were upcoming movie releases. As news of the virus spread earlier this year, a number of movie theaters began closing down, something that became widespread with official social distancing and lockdown orders. As a result, some movies were released on digital early; others skipped theaters entirely for a streaming release.

Studios have retained other titles, however, postponing them — indefinitely, in cases — for a proper theatrical release once cinemas open back up and consumers feel safe visiting them. Disney was one of these companies, having previously postponed and then re-postponed its live-action Mulan movie multiple times since March.

Impatient, bored house-bound fans have called for the company to release the movie on digital, something that Disney will do...but with a bit of a twist. Though Mulan be premiere on its Disney+ streaming service, subscribers will need to pay $30 to 'rent' the movie, though it's not exactly a rental, either.

According to CNN, the purchase will grant the user perpetual access to the title as long as they remain a Disney+ subscriber. The digital rental/purchase will go live on Disney+ on September 4, though Disney also plans to screen the movie in theaters in select markets globally — places where theaters are open and Disney+ is not available.