Disney reveals how its live-action Mulan digital purchase will work

Earlier this month, Disney revealed that in addition to releasing its live-action Mulan movie in some theaters, it will premiere it on its own Disney+ streaming service...but that it wouldn't be free for subscribers to stream. Instead, the movie would come with a price tag to rent it, the details of which were still missing at the time. Now we finally know how this purchase will work.

The live-action Mulan movie was one of the film premieres delayed because of the pandemic. Disney repeatedly set new dates for and then delayed the movie, eventually prompting it to announce an indefinite delay while it decided how to proceed forward. Soon after, Disney revealed that it will make Mulan as a digital purchase on Disney+.

This announcement obviously raised questions about how this process would work and how much the movie would cost, details we didn't have at that time. Disney has quietly updated its Disney+ website with these details, as recently spied by Deadline, revealing that the movie will be available to buy with in-app purchases through Apple, Google, and Roku in addition to through its own website.

It seems that Disney will be charging $30 for the Mulan purchase, which will go live for Disney+ subscribers to buy on September 4. You'll need a Disney+ subscription in order to buy the digital movie; billing can be done through in-app purchases on the Roku, Google, and Apple platforms in addition to going through Disney's own website.

As such, Disney will be giving these platforms a cut of its revenue from the movie, which will eventually be made available to all Disney+ subscribers as a 'free' movie through their subscriptions. Amazon's Fire TV is noticeably absent from the supported list, meaning viewers on that platform will need to turn elsewhere or make the purchase through Disney's website.