Disney+ pre-orders begin with enticing but unusual offers

At long last, Disney has not only confirmed the existing of its own streaming service but is also ready to put into full gear. Pieces are falling into places, including the resignation of Disney CEO Bob Iger from Apple's board in lieu of that. For those really, really excited about Disney+, they can now "pre-order" the service to get dibs ahead of everyone else. If, however, you were expecting some freebies to go with that, you might be sorely disappointed.

To be fair, Disney+ already has some features that might be tempting on their own. In fact, it's almost too good to be true since few of the successful video streaming services dare make such offers. Disney perhaps wants to use it as bait and is confident it has the money to spend on that.

In addition to being able to watch on almost every kind of commercially available platforms, including mobile devices and smart TVs, Disney+ will also allow for unlimited downloads and up to four concurrent streams, all without commercials. There doesn't seem to be that many limits aside from the concurrent streaming and a maximum of seven profiles.

The $6.99 monthly or $69.99 per annum subscription fee already undercuts the competition and these features make it all the more competitive. As a newcomer in that already crowded market, it definitely needs all the advantage it can get. Whether that makes business sense in the long run, however, remains to be seen.

Starting today, interested subscribers can pre-order but will have to wait until November 12's launch to actually use it. Disney says that Disney+ early birds will be among the first to enjoy it, though that's all it's offering to them, no extras, no freebies. Yet another unique feature that, this time, might not be that enticing at all.