Disney Plus will reboot Chip ‘n’ Dale and debut new Monsters series

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 11, 2019, 5:33 pm CDT
Disney Plus will reboot Chip ‘n’ Dale and debut new Monsters series

Disney has announced plans to reboot its classic animated television show Chip ‘n’ Dale for its Disney Plus streaming service. The series will introduce a modern take on the ’90s hit, and it’ll be joined by a roster of other original kids shows, including a new series called “Monsters at Work.” As the name suggests, that show will involve the universe and characters introduced in Monsters Inc.

The original Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers series aired on the Disney Channel for only a brief period of time: March 1989 to November 1990. During a press conference on Tuesday, Disney revealed plans to reboot the show, though it’s unclear whether it’ll have the same name as the original.

The artwork, as evidenced above, is considerably different than the original, bringing it more in line with the tastes of modern audiences. The show will be made available on the Disney Plus streaming service scheduled to fully launch later this year.

According to Variety, the reboot will feature a total of 39 episodes that are only seven minutes long each. The storyline is described as slap stick with the chipmunks featured in the big city. It’s unclear whether this series will be available to stream at launch.

In addition to the reboot, Disney Plus will be home to “Monsters at Work,” an episodic version of the Monsters Inc universe. This show will arrive on the Disney Plus streaming service in 2020 with Disney Television Animation as producer. Both John Goodman and Billy Crystal will return in their lead roles.

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