Disney+ no longer offers a free trial, but that's not a big deal

When Disney finally launched its Disney+ streaming service late last year, it offered multiple subscription options, including a bundle with Hulu and ESPN+, as well as a free one-week trial period. The free trial is common among streaming services — Hulu, for example, also has a seven-day trial. Things have changed, however, and new Disney+ customers no longer have that option.

Disney+ is the company's streaming service, home to its vast library of movies and TV shows, as well as a growing number of originals that are only available to stream. If you've dreamed of having access to every Disney movie ever made (well, most of them), Disney+ is the platform you're looking for.

When it arrived, new users could get seven free days before having to pay — this was intended to give them a chance to explore the service and see if they liked it and wanted to stick around. In a statement to CNET, Disney confirmed that it is no longer offering this promotion and that new customers will need to pay upfront for access.

The decision to end what is otherwise a standard industry practice is a bit surprising, but it is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Disney+, when paid for monthly, costs $6.99, a rate lower than the majority of other major streaming services and substantially cheaper than the cost of a single Disney Blu-ray movie.

Customers already know what to expect from the service; Disney is so massive that no one is going to be surprised by what they find in the service's catalog. At $7/month, users are paying very little for a substantial amount of entertainment. It's unclear whether Disney made this decision based on how many free trial users proceeded to become paid customers, but it's no secret that Disney Plus's growth has been massive in the months since launch.