Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph to feature video game cameos

If you're a gamer geek, then Disney's upcoming movie Wreck-It Ralph will be right up your alley. In a similar nod to vintage video games as Who Framed Roger Rabbit was to vintage cartoons, Wreck-It Ralph will have cameos from some of the most iconic characters from the pop culture of yesterday. And yes, in case you didn't know, Wreck-It Ralph is a story about a 1980s video game character.

Specifically, the central character, voiced by John C. Reilly, will be the quintessential "bad guy" from the days when gaming was more about tricky maneuvers and perfect reflexes than 3D graphics and professionally certified surround sound. Ralph has been described as a human version of Donkey Kong. It will very much be a parody of vintage video games.

But the coolest part will no doubt be the cameos. So who will show up in this geekfest of a flick? So far, it's been revealed that Street Fighter's Zangief and M. Bison, Pac-Man's orange ghost Clyde, and – you better believe it – penultimate video game villains Robotnik and Bowser. Never before have all these characters appeared in the same title, whether it's a game, a movie, a comic book, or whatever. So it's going to be quite a movie.

[via EW]