Disney may finally launch Hulu outside of the US next year

Streaming service Hulu continues to grow, yet has remained limited to just the US market. We've heard reports of plans to eventually change this over the past couple of years, but nothing major has happened. According to a new report, that may change soon with Disney allegedly eyeing a 2021 international expansion of the video streaming service.

We've been hearing about Disney's plan to launch Hulu internationally since late 2018, though such an expansion hasn't yet happened. At this point in time, the only way to get a Hulu subscription is to sign up with US-based billing information. That may change starting next year, according to a recent report from TechCrunch.

Disney CEO Bob Iger dropped the detail during an earnings call with investors last week. The company is able to make such decisions thanks to its 21st Century Fox acquisition, which gave it operational control of the streaming service.

The move isn't surprising. Disney+, the streaming service that launched in November 2019, is available internationally. It seems that Disney is using Hulu as the base for its more mature adult-oriented content — don't expect to find things like Deadpool on Disney Plus. The big restriction, of course, is that Hulu is still limited to just the US market.

Hulu is the new streaming home for FX Original content, making it even more desirable as a service. Unfortunately, Disney didn't reveal a more precise time frame for the anticipated international Hulu launch nor do we know what kind of prices the company may be eyeing for other major markets.