Disney+ begins 2020 with a teaser of upcoming content including Aladdin

The new year is often welcomed not only with joy and hope but also with resolutions, most of them revolving around living healthier and more active lives. Disney+ subscribers, however, might want to hold off on making promises they can't keep. At least until they've figured out how to best insert the streaming service's upcoming videos and movies into their lives without becoming the stereotypical couch potato and streaming binger.

Disney+ is the one place to see all of the entertainment titan's properties so, unsurprisingly, the list for 2020 is just as big as the company itself. The teaser doesn't give the exact dates, of course, but in the day and age of the Internet, very few things can be kept secret, especially when it comes to these things.

January 1 will see quite a number of superhero-themed content from Marvel, including new seasons of Marvel Rising and the Super Hero Squad Show. If you're not yet tired of seeing characters break into song, the latest episodes of the High School Musical series airs again weekly starting January 3.

Movies are also coming to the service, not least of which is the live-action adaptation of Aladdin. That becomes available on January 8 though there doesn't seem to be any date yet for the 3D remake of The Lion King and Toy Story 4.

The short reel also teases shows that have yet to be realized, notably those coming from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Art assets from The Falcon and The Winter Solider and especially WandaVision may give fans clues at what to expect this year from their favorite superpowered characters. And, of course, riding on the wave of The Rise of Skywalker, the Mandalorian 2 will continue its so far successful run this year as well.