Disk Pod – Why?

Chris Scott Barr - May 24, 2007

You know what is horrible? When you actually have to put forth a tiny amount of effort for a task when you know there is a perfectly good gadget that will do what you need with only the push of a button.

That’s the case with this Disc Pod Dispenser. You stick in a stack of blank CDs (or DVDs) and when you need one, just press the button and one will come out. Isn’t that so much easier than taking the lid off and just grabbing one? Probably not.

I’m really not seeing a good use for this. I mean, you can do the same thing just by grabbing a CD. If you really want to save some time, just take the plastic thing off of the stack, and you’re all set. Or you can drop around $14 for one of these to do it for you.

Disc Pod Dispenser – push button disk delivery [via redferret]

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