Dish's Hopper 3 DVR adds 4K streaming support for Netflix

Dish Network has announced that its Hopper 3, currently its most advanced DVR, can now stream Netflix content in 4k Ultra HD resolution. The support starts as of today, and involves the Ultra HD content Netflix has available in its library. This adds Netflix's content to Dish's already present library of 4K-resolution shows and movies, which includes content from Mance Media, Sony, and The Orchard.

The company's Hopper 3 model is, as far as DVRs go, a pretty sophisticated box, offering users native 4K support with 60fps output and 10-bit color — the device is targeted at users with Ultra HD televisions and a desire for high-quality video. The DVR added support for Netflix in February.

In order to stream the UHD content, Netflix subscribers will need to have both a 4K TV and Netflix's Ultra HD subscription plan, which costs $11.99/month and gives subscribers access to 4K videos. Users will need to set their video quality settings to "High" in Netflix's Playback Settings menu, and will also need a high-speed Internet subscription with speeds of at least 25Mbps.

Said Dish Network CTO and Executive Vice President Vivek Khemka:

Netflix is actively taking steps to broaden the availability of Ultra HD content, with plans to provide more than 600 hours by the end of this year. As the cost of 4K TVs continues to decrease, consumer adoption of and interest in Ultra HD technology becomes more widespread. We're making every effort to provide our Hopper 3 customers with additional access to 4K programming as it's made available.

SOURCE: Dish Network