Dishonored "The Other Side of the Coin" trophies list leaks

Bethesda's stealth action-adventure game, Dishonored, will be receiving a new DLC shortly entitled, "The Other Side of the Coin". A list of trophies for the DLC have been leaked showing 10 new trophies that you are able to obtain. Some of the trophies emphasize the more stealthier aspect of the game instead of the bloody, assassination aspect. The DLC costs should resemble that of Dunwall City Trials, costing you only about $4.99.

The new trophies include: "Just Business" where you have to collect the information needed from the Rothwild Slaughterhouse, "Missing Pieces" which requires you to obtain Delilah Copperspoon's identity from Thalia Timish, "Well Connected" which requires you to purchase all of the Favors in the new DLC, "No Regrets" which is awarded when you to complete the DLC on High Chaos mode, "Redemptive Path" which is awarded when you to complete the game in Low Chaos mode, "Whisper Ways" is achieved if you complete the DLC without alerting anyone, "Cleaner Hands" is achieved if complete the DLC without killing anyone, "Rats and Ashes" requires you to kill someone using a combination of an arc mine and a rat, "Message from the Empress" requires you to perform a drop assassination from the top of the Empress statue, and finally "Stone Cold Heart" is achieved when you speak to the statue of Delilah.

A couple of the trophies, mainly Whisper Ways and Cleaner Hands, will prove a rather difficult challenge, especially for those of you who enjoy assassinating the enemies. For those who don't know, in Dishonored, you play a bodyguard-turned-assassin after being framed for murdering the empress. You take on missions that will help you get revenge on those who've wronged you. You can kill everyone in your way, or you can choose to put them out non-lethally. Each of your actions, good or bad, will ultimately change the course of the game.

There still isn't a release date for "The Other Side of the Coin", but it should be coming out soon seeing as the trophies have been leaked, revealing that the story and missions are already created. Dishonored has received great reviews from a huge list of game critics, and these DLCs should provide this game with much-wanted longevity. We'll keep you posted when the DLC is released.

[via Game Trailers]