Dishonored DLC Knife of Dunwall flips the tables: now you've done it

In the trailer you're about to see for the next bit of storyline for the Dishonored video game legacy, you'll find yourself not in the shoes of the protagonist. Instead you'll be the assassin who actually did murder the Empress – and though you feel the guilt of doing so weighing on your mind, you've still got a job to do. Of course you're still "Dishonored", so to speak, but you're under a cloak – and you've got one massive amount of shadowy skills to bash your way forth with.

While the original Dishonored story followed a man by the name of Corvo Attano, "the last bodyguard to the Empress", this time you're playing one of the assassins that inadvertently ruined Attano's life. While it's not said explicitly in the trailer you're about to see, we can't help but wonder if you and Attano will be meeting by the time this whole saga is over. Your name this time is Daud, and for six months you've had the weight of the world on your shoulders.

You'll be BAMFing your way from one wall to another, knifing your enemies in the back here and there, and electrifying all those who would oppose you without end. This DLC for Dishonored will have you working with tricks you've seen before as well as a whole bunch of new bits and pieces only a real hardcore OG assassin would know.

This downloadable addition to your Dishonored experience will require that you already own and have installed the game (or have the disk in your drive if you're on a console). You'll be downloading Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall starting on April 16th for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC all at once. Make with the cash drop!