Dish Network to Offer HD-Only Option but not Good Enough

Daniel Lim - Jan 22, 2008

The HD enthusiast that wishes for HD only package can get it from Dish network starting February, the 1st with a mere $29.99 a month. The service includes more than 70 HD channels that are currently available at Dish network from Essential and Ultimate packages minus premium movie channels, sports packages, NHL HD and NBA HD. I’m a certified HD-freak, paid full premium at TWC just to get the 4 extra premium movie channels with an outrageous cost of $96 a month and I never once watched the extra hundreds of SD movie channels that come with it. The Dish HD-only’s offer is not good enough unless they throw in ALL the HD channels, I can skip SD and don’t mind paying extra but I do need a wholesome of HD-ONLY package as long as it’s within a reasonable cost . How many readers out there are with me?

[via homemediamagazine]

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