Dish Network Tailgater lets you throw a tailgate party in style

I am not the sort to throw a tailgate party. I prefer to watch sporting events from home because the seats that are always in the price range I am willing to spend at a live venue suck. If you like to have the real event ambiance, but don't want to cough up the money for the tickets to a football game or a baseball game the Dish Network Tailgater will let you throw a party in style.

The Tailgater is a little self-contained HDTV satellite dish and receiver. My money says that this thing will see more use with people that like to camp and use RVs more than tailgaters. I thought the box was a little grill at first due to the small size, but all the parts to a HDTV watching experience other than the TV and tuner are inside. The Tailgater itself sells for $350.

The dish inside even automatically aligns itself for viewing wherever you are. It does need a 110v power connection to work and it needs power for the ViP 211k single tuner HD box too. The service can be had on a month-to-month basis for another $7 monthly or at normal monthly rates. Check out the video below to see the device in action.

[via PCMag]