Dish Network scores rights to stream ABC stations via Internet TV service

Earlier today, word surfaced through The Wall Street Journal that Disney and Dish Network had just recently penned an agreement that would delay "Auto-Hop" functionality for ABC shows, and as a result, litigation against Dish Network would be dropped. The two companies have confirmed this today, but in addition have revealed one detail that hadn't previously surfaced: rights to stream ABC stations on an Internet TV service.

This is big news for the company, which has just scored the rights with Disney-owned ABC in order to launch an Internet-based television service. Says the press release, "The extensive and expanded distribution agreement grants DISH rights to stream cleared linear and video-on-demand content from the ABC-owned broadcast stations, ABC Family, Disney Channel, ESPN and ESPN2, as part of an Internet delivered, IP-based multichannel offering."

Unfortunately, the announcement didn't go into any more details about this specific aspect of the deal, leaving us waiting for more information about this "IP-based multichannel offering". It did go on to confirm the other details that were revealed by the WSJ, however, including the legal aspects and the three-day delay in auto-hop functionality.

Dish's President and CEO did seem to allude to it, however, saying, "The creation of this agreement has really been about predicting the future of television with a visionary and forward-leaning partner. Not only will the exceptional Disney, ABC, ESPN entertainment portfolio continue to delight our customers today, but we have a model from which to deliver exciting new services tomorrow."

VIA: GigaOm

SOURCE: Street Insider