Dish Network drops AMC from lineup

If you're a big fan of some the cool original programs on AMC like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Mad Men, bad news. After threatening for months to drop AMC, Dish Network has made good on the threat. AMC has now been dropped from the Dish Network lineup meaning fans of any of the networks programming will need to change carriers to be able to watch.

AMC Networks was removed from Dish Network service early Sunday morning after the contract with the satellite provider expired without a new agreement. Dish has long maintained that AMC was charging fees that were too high for the low-rated channel. AMC points out that Dish could not have dropped its service over poor ratings because The Walking Dead is the highest-rated scripted drama on cable TV.

I have to agree with AMC and if I was a Dish Network customer I would absolutely change to DirecTV to get AMC back, specifically for The Walking Dead. I think this has more to do with AMC offering its programs on Internet and Dish Network playing hardball trying to get lower prices and more exclusivity on AMC content. AMC wanted to triple the fees it charged carriers to $.75 per subscriber over the next 4 to 5 years. I guess fee increases are expected when you have three of the most popular shows on TV.

[via Chicago Tribune]