Dish Network and Southwest Airlines extend TV Flies Free program for iOS and Android devices

Dish Network and Southwest Airlines kicked off a partnership last summer that allowed passengers on WiFi equipped flights on the airline to get free TV content. The program was called TV Flies Free and it launched in July 2013. Dish and Southwest have announced that they are extending the program this year.

The program will last through December 31, 2014. The program allows southwest passengers using iOS and Android devices along with other internet capable gadgets to access live TV channels while on the flight. The program also allows the passengers to access up to 75 on-demand shows as well.

The programs are streamed at no cost via the aircraft's WiFi connection. The TV programming comes via connectivity in the aircraft offered by a firm called Row 44. With the new rules from the FAA allowing expanded use of gadgets during all phases of flight, the new program gives passengers a lot of time to watch the content they want.

Dish and Southwest are offering customers that sign up for their Hopper 12,500 Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards program points and a free tablet including the iPad mini. Passengers on the WiFi equipped aircraft are able to connect to the aircraft WiFi network, launch the web browser, and choose the live and on demand TV programs at no cost.

SOURCE: Dish Network