Dish Hopper second screen and mobile app updates cater to NCAA tournament fans

Shane McGlaun - Mar 22, 2013
Dish Hopper second screen and mobile app updates cater to NCAA tournament fans

If you’re a Dish Network subscriber that happens to have a Dish Hopper DVR and likes basketball, you will love this. Dish has announced a new second-screen and mobile app experience specifically designed to enhance the NCAA basketball tournament viewing experience. Dish has announced enhanced apps within its Hopper whole-home HD DVR platform to give sports fans an improved viewing experience.

The updated Hopper sports app now has a Game Finder feature that displays all of the tournament games in one easy to navigate location. The app also allows fans to tune in to or record upcoming games directly from the app. The app enhancements include faster navigation and access to scores.

The enhancements also features the ability to sort games by conference and the option remove games that are blacked out in your area. Dish has also updated its Explorer app for the iPad with an NCAA Tournament tab on the main screen. That tab allows viewers to instantly find upcoming games, times, and channels.

Games can also be easily recorded from that tab and fans can talk about the coming games via twitter directly from within the app. Explorer also allows the fan to find their favorite teams and receive real-time on-screen updates about which games are the most exciting and to view scores. The Dish Anywhere app also allows users to watch live and recorded. Games from anywhere with an Internet connection via a tablet, smartphone, or PC.

[via Dish]

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