DISH and Qualcomm team up for satellite chipset

Ben Kersey - Jun 12, 2012
DISH and Qualcomm team up for satellite chipset

Seems like everyone wants to make use of the new Snapdragon S4 SoC, with DISH and Qualcomm announcing a partnership that will see the popular chipset used in upcoming wireless devices. DISH is hoping to create mobile handsets that will be able to take use of the integrated 3G and LTE radios while also leveraging a satellite mode. DISH looks to be utilizing its spectrum to deliver wireless broadband on the ground in addition to its satellite service.

The company has yet to hear back from the FCC regarding its plans, but it’s still moving on head and trying to lock hardware down. Qualcomm will make use of Enhanced Geostationary Air Link (EGAL) technology to be able to provide both terrestrial and satellite modes on the 2 GHz/AWS-4 band.

DISH acknowledges that investing in Qualcomm while developing the solution this early is a risk, but also said that it’s “critical” that the company moves forward if it wants to remain competitive. DISH is also hoping to target “specialized markets” across the United States with satellite connections, most likely those unable to get decent internet access from traditional services.

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