Disgo Video Plus Camcorder

The Disgo Video Plus has two great features that come with it. You can fit it in your pocket and you won't break $100 if your spring for it. Its features aren't that bad either.

It has 2x digital zoom, built in microphone and a 1.5" flip out color screen. You can shoot from multi angles and it has two retractable USB connectors for file transferring. It will save everything in AVI format and you can upload them to any media player. It takes two AA batteries and can film for 60 minutes after one charge and it'll automatically adjust exposure and color balance. Oh, and you can connect it to your TV for playback.

You can buy it online from Currys for £69.89. I really hope it's not limited to the UK, I could use a smaller camcorder for on the go filming.

Disgo Video Plus [via Shiny Shiny]