Discovr App Offers Interesting Way to Find New Music

There is no shortage of iOS apps to help you find new music; based on friend's recommendations, or what your friends have downloaded. But what if you are looking for a specific sound? You don't necessarily want to know what everyone else is listening to, you want to find a certain sound or style. That's what the Discovr music app hopes to help with.

The app provides a interactive map (kind of like those connection charts you see on LinkedIn) that shows artists that are similar to one you like, and then goes on to show others that are similar to them. Then, you can double tap on the musician's bubble and go to an artist page where you can hear clips, see videos, and read more about them.

One nice feature is browsing within the app without having to exit. Once you find what you like, you can save your favorites to a folder and also share them in all the usual ways (Facebook, Twitter, email). And of course, and now we come to the whole point of the app, you can buy tracks or albums via iTunes.

Discovr comes from an Australian-based startup, and has been rated the number one app in twelve countries, including Australia and Japan.

The app launched on the iPad, and now is available on the iPhone also. No word on whether they plan to release an Android version. Right now, the startup only consists of three people. Discovr is 99 cents in Apple's App Store.

[via TheNextWeb]