Discord issues in the afternoon, down but not out

While some parts of the Discord universe remain in action, other bits are down for the count. Users started to have issues at around 1:49 PM Central Time in the United States, and issues escalated over the following hour. At this time it would appear that the majority of complaints are about Server Connection issues.

Per readings at DownDetector, Discord had similar issues over the past week... and on into the past, ever day, at what would appear to be two different major peak times. One is between 1 and 3:30 PM Central Time, the other is around midnight Central Time. These are also very likely peak traffic times for Discord.

Per the official Discord Status page, an issue was identified and a fix was being implemented back at 12:39 PM Central Time. This issue appeared to affect image loading speed, and MAY have been the source of down-time in the fix later this same afternoon.

Discord still lists an "unresolved incident: slow image loads" at the time at which this article was set to publish, just after 2:50 PM Central Time on September 17, 2020.

UPDATE: At just after 3PM, a Discord in which I participate was kicked offline entirely. Down-time seemed to be brief – but we shall see!