Discord is getting a long-requested feature today

For a free communications platform, Discord is pretty feature-rich. One of its core features is the ability to join multiple servers at a time, which are all arranged in Discord's left sidebar. It seems that everyone has a Discord server these days, from Twitch streamers to subreddits, which means that for some, the server bar can get packed quickly. Today, Discord is rolling out a simple solution to that problem: Server folders.

If you're wondering why Discord server folders are a big deal, you probably aren't alone. It's a relatively straightforward and boring feature, but it's one that the larger Discord userbase has been requesting for ages. Now it's finally rolling out, giving users an opportunity to clean up their Discord clients and make their server lists all nice and neat.

Creating a new folder is a simple process – simply drag a Discord server on top of another one, and you'll create a folder containing the two. Once you've created a folder, you'll be able to rename it and color code it, and your folder grouping will sync across all instances of Discord, whether you're using it on desktop, mobile, or through a browser.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about all of this is the ability to dismiss notifications by folder. If you belong to a lot of a servers that are fond of pinging everyone frequently, then you know that dismissing notifications for all of your servers can take a while. Since you can dismiss the notifications for all servers in a folder at once, it should make it easier to continue ignoring the pings you were never going to see or respond to anyway.

Server folders are shipping along with an update that, among other things, improves screen sharing on Windows and cuts back on both CPU and memory usage. That update is available now, and I can confirm that server folders are every bit as delightful as you've dreamed. Check it out by opening your Discord client and hitting the update button in the upper right corner.