Discord adds new Server Video feature on web, desktop, and iOS

Discord has rolled out a new Server Video feature that makes it easier for friends to stay connected despite the pandemic. With Server Video, Discord says that users can participate in what is essentially a drop-in, drop-out conversation, eliminating the hassle of starting a private video chat with someone. Users can, among other things, Go Live and Video Chat simultaneously.

Discord first started rolling out the Server Video feature a few weeks ago, but now it is finally available for everyone on the web, desktop, and iOS. The company says that Server Video will soon be available on Android, as well. The feature eliminates the need to mess with Group DMs and personal DMs, instead letting users simply enter a voice channel and then tap the video button.

Video chat itself is not new on Discord — that feature has been available since 2017. With Server Video, you can hop into a channel, start a video, and then do your thing. Other users can pop in to see what you're up to when they're around, then leave when they're busy, making it easier to make yourself available and for others to drop in for a chat.

With the ability to Go live and Video Chat at the same time, users are able to show both their screen/game and their camera. This is useful for artists who want to show off their craft, for example, or for gamers who want to show off their gameplay to a group of friends on their server.

Discord says that users have been waiting for the server video feature for quite a while. The feature was prioritized in light of the fact that everyone is now stuck inside all day; the team has also eliminated the need to use the browser extension when video chatting in Chrome. Server Video has a temporarily high limit of 25 participants, more than double its standard limit of 10.