Disagreement between Apple and NBC heats up

Remember that on Friday I told you about the disagreements between NBC and Apple over the renegotiation of their contract? Well things heated up over the weekend when Apple made an official statement informing everyone that since NBC's contract is due to expire in December, they won't be carrying any new episodes of NBC shows.

NBC has since fired back informing the public that they will have updated programing available on iTunes, despite what Apple claims. NBC is also telling us that the issue wasn't that they wanted $4.99 per show as Apple was claiming, but they wanted to be able to bundle shows together in ways that would be more "attractive."

Either way, I think NBC should really rethink their issues. I'm not sure how bundling episodes together would be that big of an issue, unless you could only purchase them in specific blocks and not individually. I'm thinking that it has more to do with the whole pricing issue. Apple has really set the standard with their universal pricing scheme, it's so much easier to know that songs will cost $.99 and TV shows will set you back $1.99. Go ahead and pull out, the only people that are going to really be hurting are you and the people that were purchasing your content.

NBC refutes Apple's price claims, pledges iTunes shows [via appleinsider]