DirecTV Launches Whole Home DVR Service

Shane McGlaun - Jun 8, 2010
DirecTV Launches Whole Home DVR Service

DirecTV is the satellite service that I use at home and I really like it. It’s so much better than the local cable company it’s not even funny. DirecTV announced a new service today called Whole Home DVR that will cost you an extra $3 monthly, assuming you already have DVR service and a supported DVR.

What you get for that extra $3 is the ability to record DVR programs on one DVR and then play them back on any TV in your home. You can have up to 15 other rooms and TVs connected to the system for playback. The coolest part is if you are like me and someone in your home likes to record tons of kids programs or girly programs that overlap with stuff you want, you can connect an additional DVR in another room and play that content back on any of the TVs as well.

With two DVRs in your home, you can record up to four programs at one time and watch up to two additional recorded programs at once across your entire network. That is very cool. Each TV on the network can get its own parental controls and any room in the home can manage the DVR playlist. If you lack the DVR receiver, it will set you back $199 and each room needs a standard HD receiver to work.

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