Digiwinner Machine Gun Wii Accessory Brings Too Much Realism to the Wii

This time around, we can't start a Wii accessory article by saying how "ridiculous" it is. In fact, this one is way more "normal" than we would ever have guessed we'd see launch for the Nintendo Wii. Then again, we're not sure this one's officially sanctioned by the House of Mario, either, so . . . Take that for what it's worth. This is Digiwinner's Machine Gun accessory, and yes, you're supposed to use it for all those rail-shooters available for the Wii.

First thing you'll notice, hopefully, is that tip. The light-orange one — the one thing that differentiates this from a real sub-machine gun. Sure, it's a bit more shiny than a real one, too, but that's just in the details. We're not exactly sure if that scope works, either, or if it's just set piece. Either way, the whole thing looks awesome, and we definitely wouldn't mind using this accessory to play House of the Dead: Overkill, or one of the many Resident Evil titles out there.

What makes it better, and one of the reasons we're pretty sure Nintendo's not going to put the "stamp of approval" on this thing, is the fact that you don't actually need the Wii remote to control the game. There's a D-pad, and other needed buttons up at the front of the device. Unfortunately, no word on a release date. Furthermore, those game titles we suggested up there? Yeah, they might not be supported, because Digiwinner doesn't know which games the machine gun is compatible with. We can certainly hope, though.

[via GearLog]