Digital Storm Vanquish fights back against DIY gaming rigs

Many avid PC gamers usually opt for building their own computer, citing lower costs of components over pre-built machines. However, custom PC maker Digital Storm has something to say about that, with the introduction of the new Vanquish gaming PC line. The new computers look to settle the DIY debate once and for all.

Gaming rigs from boutique computer makers usually cost a couple thousand dollars, but Digital Storm is aiming to put that fact to rest with their Vanquish lineup of gaming PCs that start at $699. The entry level rig comes packing with an AMD FX-4300, 8GB of RAM, 1TB HDD, Radeon HD 7750 graphics, and Windows 7.

Digital Storm says that this only $38 more than what you would pay for these same parts on Newegg, with the company's most-expensive Vanquish rig only costing $58 more than the same build from parts on Newegg. Of course, this isn't a huge difference and you're obviously still paying a bit more if you bought from Digital Storm.

However, this isn't the cheapest gaming rig we've seen from a boutique computer maker, iBUYPOWER's newer Revolt gaming rig lineup starts at just $499. We ended up reviewing one of their high-end Revolt builds, and we liked it a lot. However, there's simply nothing more satisfying than building your own PC. No matter which way you go, it seems Digital Storm is at the ready for when you decide purchase a pre-built machine.