Digital Snow Globe based on iPhone

A snow globe is old tech.  An iPhone is new tech.  Put them together and you'd think you'd get broken tech, but if you're Daljit Singh then you actually end up with the Digital Snow Globe.  Sensibly avoiding water, the project is basically an elongated snow globe housing an iPhone; when you shake the globe, the iPhone displays the weather from a randomly-selected city.

Frankly it looks like one of those products you'd see advertized in the catalogs found in airline seat pockets, but that's probably being unfair.  Anyway, it's unlikely that the Digital Snow Globe will ever reach the market, being more of an arty piece.

Details of the exact workings are scant; there's no mention of it on the Digit London site.  Presumably it's a custom program that uses the iPhone's accelerometer and internet connection to randomly download city weather information and couple that with a twee picture of the location.

[via designboom]