Digital piggy bank

Feel the need to get a more tech friendly piggy bank? Now there is the new digital I-Piggy or I-Panda bank. It doesn't have any of those strange qualities like some of the crazy alarm clocks you see a lot. It's just a bank with that someone has actually updated to fit our world today, so you can say goodbye to your old mason jar that currently holds you change.

It actually counts your money as it's going in, so no more dumping out your whole piggy bank to discover that the only the it had was pennies. The little LCD screen will tell you exactly where you are at with your savings.

You can also create a target amount and it won't spit out your money till after you hit that target. It would be a great tool to teach your young'uns about saving up their money. Not only that but it's great for those of us who tend to rob our piggy bank as adults. The cute little bank is priced at only $38.

Digital piggy (and panda) bank [via plasticbamboo]