Digital Kitchen 3D photobooth is created

A design firm has created something that could put all those carnival photo kiosks to shame – a 3D photobooth. The creation uses three Canon 5D MKII cameras and four Macbook Pros, just to demonstrate how much power something like this needs. The result is a contraption that is able to instantly print 3D photos. Unfortunately, don't expect one near your hometown any time soon.

The firm, which called the creation "The Protobooth," said in an e-mail to, "We have no plans to commercialize the Protobooth. It was an internal project that we had a lot of fun creating." Yes, like all good things, this won't be turned into a commercialized product just yet. However, "That being said, everything we learned from this process has the potential to make its way into future projects."

So what's the point? Just to prove it's possible, apparently. When it comes to the expansion of 3D technology, pictures appear to be the one thing people gravitate to more than anything else. So perhaps some day down the road, stepping into a photobooth will leave you with a three-dimensional memory, but for now you can check out the first step in that direction – the Protobooth.

[via DIYPhotography]