Digital Beverages MyFountain – For the heavy drinker

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 14, 2007

I’ve attempted to mix drinks a few times, and I discovered not only am I not much of a drinker, but I suck at making drinks. If I am going to drink, I’d much rather have someone or something else making the drinks for me. Perhaps this next gadget might be worth looking into.

The Digital Beverages MyFountain is perfect for those that love to drink fancy drinks, but don’t actually enjoy making said drinks. It sits upon a pedestal fridge that will hold 12 of favorite friends like Jack, Jim, Johnny and the others. It also has a waterline and a carbon-dioxide cartridge which could possibly allow you to dispense your favorite soft drink. All you have to do is press a few buttons and it will whip up your drink faster than you can say “what’s the officer problem?”

Unfortunately, you’re going to need to drink a lot to justify this purchase. It’ll set you back $2,575 and is available only online. It will be hitting brick-and-mortar stores sometime next spring.

Automated Bartender Makes Drinks, Doesn’t Steal Tips
[via ohgizmo]

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