Diego-san is creepiest robot ever

Robots creep me out. I blame it on my dad letting me watch Saturn 3 when I was a kid. I had nightmares about Hector for weeks after that. Researchers from the Machines Perception Laboratory have unveiled a baby robot that is called Diego-san that looks like the love child of a female terminator and Hector.

The bot has a massive head (mostly spherical, but pointy in parts) attached to a robot body. The robot is modeled after a 1-year-old-child and is intended to help researchers study how infants develop motor skills.

The bot is 4 foot 3 inches tall and weighs 66 pounds. The cranium on the robot is so large to allow the 20 moving parts inside to make facial expressions. The robot's body has more than 60 moving parts and the hands have five fingers and can hold objects like bottles thanks to pressure sensors. If Diego-san develops an unnatural attraction to blonde's with winged hair I suggest the researchers stop experimenting and turn the thing off.