DIE HARD Brings On New Class In Mobile Gaming: The Endless Shooter

This weekend A Good Day to Die Hard comes out in theaters across the USA, and with it the mobile game DIE HARD for iOS and Android, ushering in a new wave of mobile games: Endless Shooters. This game is hinging on the roll-out of one of the greatest new ways to play a game in the mobile realm, an endless runner, switching it up to include danger coming at you from up front rather than behind, making you go on the attack rather than running away. In this and inside the minds of the creators of the game we've found this app to be a beast not just for this movie opening, but for the future as well – check it out!

We had a chat with two of the heads from the groups responsible for the creation of this game, Matt McMahon, Vice President, Fox Digital Entertainment, and Andrew Solmssen, Managing Director, Los Angeles, POSSIBLE – the developers of the app. It was Solmssen that let us know that the idea for the DIE HARD app initially started with POSSIBLE's hit game The End: "With the success we had with The End, an endless runner, we decided there was an opportunity to expand in that vein. ... We felt that we hit upon something that was kind of a different subgenre, an endless shooter."

Adding to that line of thought, McMahon spoke up: "In contrast with the other endless runners you're always running away from something. With Die Hard you're taking the fight to the enemy – that's classic John McClaine." And indeed it is a sweet ride from start to finish – you're playing as the real-deal characters from the movie and you've got nothing but blasts to take care of in a series of missions mixed with customization of your gear and experience.

UPDATE: An important note from Solmssen himself! "One important note: the group that created TheEndApp and the Die Hard game is Goroid http://www.goroid.net/, the game studio that is part of POSSIBLE." Thanks!

For those of you wondering – this was, as Solmssen notes: "a Die Hard game from the beginning." Having been reached out to by the folks at Fox who are, according to McMahon, "always looking for talent anywhere in the world," it was The End that brought the two forces together. McMahon continued, "We came across the game POSSIBLE had, The End – we thought it was a really solid product and we simply reached out."

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This game is ready for action right this minute in the iTunes App Store as well as the Google Play app store, and will be available in the Amazon app store soon! It's also worth noting that this game will not end when the movie is no longer in theaters – instead we've got a guarantee from Fox that they'll be bringing "ongoing support" beyond the movie, and that they "look to update the game with new levels and new environments" well into the future. Grab it now!