DIDO Uses The Cloud To Process WiFi And 3G Traffic For Less Latency

The company that brought us the OnLive cloud gaming system has a new way to use the cloud to reduce the latency and interference associated with sending WiFi and 3G data across a network. The new system is called DIDO and it was invented by Steve Perlman. Perlman offered a glimpse at what DIDO can do for cloud services like OnLive gaming in the whitepaper describing the DIDO system.

According to Perlman when the OnLive servers were co-located with DIDO servers, the latency of the OnLive games was less than that of the same game running on a local console. That is one hell of a statement. Latency is the devil when it comes to online gaming. Perlman claims that the latency with DIDO should be a mere millisecond or two. The DIDO magic is in how it transmits data across the network. DIDO cuts out the intelligence integrated into the radios at the PC and the access point and replaces them with the much more robust and powerful cloud-computing servers.

That processing allows the DIDO servers to shoot the signal to only one computer so the machine doesn't have to sift through all the data for multiple computers in a single stream to find its own data. The DIDO data center would create the radio signal and send it across a wired cable so the only radio needed is at the access point. In a nutshell, DIDO is able to create an independent waveform for each device on the network with only that devices data. That means each individual computer no longer needs to sift through packets not containing data it needs.

[via PCMag]