Did Verizon Kill Android Wireless Tether App?

Over the last few weeks, AT&T has been trying to crack down on iPhone users who are using jailbroken devices to tether on the network without paying the extra $25 fee. Users who AT&T determines are using unofficial tethering are getting a text that warns them that they will be charged the $25 monthly fee if they continue to tether automatically. I suspected at the time with AT&T making the move that we would see the carriers start to move against unofficial tethering too.

It seems that move is starting with Verizon Wireless. Reports are coming in today that the carriers have moved to block a tethering app called Wireless Tether. Apparently, the app is still listed on the Android Market if you dig for it, but it now has a long list of devices that are not compatible. The list covers just about every Android phone on the Verizon network.

The app is also reportedly blocked from at least a few AT&T Android devices as well. I wonder if that means the users that already had the app running will wake today to find tethering no longer works. If you are on T-Mobile or Sprint Android devices, let us know if you can access the app today, and if you already have it installed let us know if it still works.

[via Android Community]