Did Microsoft call it Windows 10 because of Win 95 & 98?

Look, we'll be honest — the Windows 10 thing threw us for a loop. We all thought Windows 9 was coming, then Microsoft goes with Windows 10. they could have called it Windows TF, because — well, you put that together.

Via Twitter, we pick up on one theory on why Windows skipped over the number nine. It seems their former Windows iterations may have been the reason, with Windows 95 and 98 both causing some legacy code issues. Interesting theory, and possible — but is that really why? The Redditor offering up this explanation says they're a "Microsoft Dev", but offers no credentials beyond that.

It makes sense, especially if you're Microsoft, and trying to guide the world to a new version. It's possible they really didn't feel like discussing anything that old still being any kind of relevant.

Nine has historical ties to strength. In Chinese culture, the number nine is considered lucky as well as a symbol of strength. A cat has nine lives, too.

Then again, there were nine circles of hell in Divine Comedy. Microsoft offered no explanation for why the latest is Windows 10, only saying it "wouldn't be right" to call it Windows 9, and once we all see it in action, we'll agree it was the right move.

Windows 10 is sold as Microsoft's most comprehensive platform yet, and it certainly seems to be. Still, why not Windows 9? I'd have been okay with "we wanted to throw you all a curveball. Deal with it."

So what are your theories? Why did Microsoft skip over the number nine? Was it code, some sort of superstition, or are they just messing with us? Let us know in the comments section below!