Dice iTPA-200 - An iPod dock for audiophiles

I won't pretend to be an audiophile. While I do have some knowledge of musical equipment thanks to my dad who is a musician, I'm sure plenty of you out there can spot the difference between an amplifier that is tube-based, and one that is not just by listening to it. If you're one of those, you've got to check out this iPod dock.

The iTPA-220 dock comes from Dice Electronics, and while it's not the first to introduce the iPod to a tube amplifier, it's one of the cheapest solutions you can find. It features dual 20-watt 6N3 tube pre-amps and a nice looking set of speakers that have a 4-inch mid/bass driver and 1-inch dome tweeter each.

The cost for this system might be a little expensive for those that think a speaker is a speaker, but the $299 price probably doesn't look too bad to someone who knows a good sound system when they hear it. You can pre-order the iTPA-220 now, and expect to get one sometime next month.

dice iTPA-220: ipod tube stereo on a budget [via technabob]