Diablo III producer under fire for adding color

Abby McVay - Jul 3, 2008, 7:05am CDT

Diablo fans have finally gotten Diablo III and even now that they’ve gotten it, some still aren’t happy.  It would appear as if some fans would prefer the new Diablo to be no different from the first two graphics-wise.  Which I understand, it’s hard when one of your favorite games is altered.  One great example of a new direction gone wrong is Doom 3.  I still have the old Doom games on my computer, but I despise Doom 3.

New direction can be bad, however, the producer for Diablo is merely trying to add some contrast and give it a Lord of the Rings feel.  I think to call it cartoony is going a bit far, the shot shown here is an actual screenshot for the new game.  Either way, fans have made up a petition for the graphics to be changed.  Their biggest complaint is that it is looking like a WoW replica, which is an understandable fear.

Also, if you would like your petition to be taken seriously, you might consider proofreading it.  They misspelled shiny, as well as numerous basic words.  I do understand that a brighter world in general might be hard to swallow for the fans of the first two games.  Yet, doesn’t the game need to progress, if you’re going to have a new Diablo shouldn’t it actually be new?  As opposed to the same old game with a slightly different story line.  Currently the petition is up to 22,833 signatures.

[via kotaku]

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