Diablo III becomes MMORPG with a camera angle change

Behold, the one way in which you're going to come back to the Diablo franchise without hating yourself for dropping all those SOJs in a huff. A new camera angle! A demonstration of a new camera angle has been released to the public by innovator Monstrousd3, one in which you'll find yourself face to face with your enemies, in a way you've only ever once experienced before – back when you dropped D3 for the first time and went back to World of Warcraft.

Yes, you too can have a view from behind the back of your hero in Diablo III. Instead of a fixed super-high birds-eye-view, now you'll be behind your hero, just like the creators of Diablo never intended. Just like you've always wanted!

It's not incredibly difficult to make this perspective happen for you in Diablo III – you just have to zoom in, is all. You'll just be unable to walk around like you'd be able in any other MMORPG.

This game was made to work from that higher perspective due to the mass amounts of enemies that can attack you at any one time. Can you imagine the madness that'd occur if you'd been given this perspective in D2 with a whirlwind attack on the sand deamons under the desert's floor? What a mess.

As Gergo Vas from Kotaku suggests, there's a reason the Diablo franchise have stuck with the perspective they've got now. Stick with the classics.