Diablo III announced

Diablo II definitely ranks among my list of favorite games for the PC. There's just something about hacking and slashing my way through the minions of evil that I just can't get enough of. I'm pretty sure it's only been around a year since the last time I played it. Like many other fans of the series, I was disappointed long ago when it was stated that there would be no future Diablo titles. However, Blizzard has since changed their tune, as the third game in the series has been officially announced.

A few things noted about the upcoming title are that it will be the same sort of action RPG that Diablo fans are used to. We'll be playing in the same world of Sanctuary, where 20 years have passed since the second installment. Deckard Cain will even be making his return.

There will be five playable character classes, all of which can be either male or female. Currently only two classes have been revealed, Barbarian and the new Witch Doctor. The game will run on the Havok physics engine, which will allow you to destroy various parts of the environment, even using it as a weapon against enemies.

We don't yet know any information on when the game will be released, but Blizzard has assured us that they are taking their time so that they can make sure it lives up to their (and our) expectations. We do, however, know that they plan on releasing it on both Mac and PC platforms at the same time.

[via Gamasutra]