Diablo II receives 1.12 patch

For much of my youth I was primarily a console gamer. Sure, there were a few games like Doom and Quake that I used my PC for, but that was about it. There was also a little game called Diablo that I got hooked on. I remember finding out about a sequel, which became the first PC game I actually waited outside of a store for. That was almost 8 years ago to the day, and Blizzard has just released a new patch to Diablo II.

It takes some serious dedication to support it with patches nearly a decade after it was first released. Sure, Diablo II is still heavily played by many people, but that's just crazy. The new patch will definitely be enjoyed by anyone that still plays the game, as it eliminates the need to keep your CD in the drive in order to play.

There are a few other minor fixes included in the patch such as compatibility issues with Intel Macs. It is speculated that this patch marks the first steps to making the game available as a digital download via Blizzard's online store.

[via Joystiq]