Diablo 3 Switch port reportedly in production despite Blizzard's claims

Last week, Blizzard made a very interesting tease related to Diablo. The company posted a GIF of a Diablo-themed night light being switched on and off to the game's official Twitter account, with the accompanying text only saying "sweet dreams." A lot of people took that to be a not-so-subtle reference to an incoming Switch port of Diablo 3.

Despite the tease feeling a little on the nose, Blizzard later went on to claim that the tweet was merely a community engagement piece, and that it doesn't have any plans to port Diablo 3 over to Switch. That might have been the end of it (at least until we got the announcement we all thought was coming), but the rumor mill is churning out some new information about what Blizzard's true plans are.

According to anonymous sources who have spoken to Eurogamer, Blizzard is indeed planning to bring Diablo 3 to the Switch. Those same sources also say that Blizzard's teaser was indeed referencing Diablo 3 on Switch, though they were surprised to see it published so soon as the game won't be revealed for at least a few more months.

Those sources also aren't able to tell us if Diablo 3 for Switch will include Reaper of Souls or Rise of the Necromancer, but the safe assumption is that it will. At this point, Diablo 3 is such an old game that launching it without any of its expansions would be a bad move on the part of Blizzard. We can more than likely expect a package similar to the Ultimate Evil Edition we saw launch for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

So, with sources coming out of the woodwork to confirm what we were all thinking anyway, now we wait. As always, don't trust this rumor wholly, as nothing about a Diablo 3 Switch port will be official until Blizzard makes it so. We'll see how long it takes the company to actually out some real details, so stay tuned.